18 years of age with valid state, federal or passport ID

Once you have decided on your preferred artist you can book through our website, a link on our Instagram, stopping by the shop or calling the shop during our hours of operation

We have a shop minimum of $100. From there the tattoo prices vary depending on the image detail, size and placement. If it will be a piece that will take multiple sessions our rate is $175 an hour. For an exact quote please schedule you free tattoo consultation with your artist through our website

We offer complimentary touch-ups up to 6 months after your initial tattoo appointment. Hand tattoos and foot tattoos do not apply. If your hand or foot tattoo needs a touch-up there will be a charge.


Start by washing your hands with liquid antibacterial soap.

Remove bandage after 2-4 hours, gently wash your tattoo with unscented liquid antibacterial soap and hot water, no scrubbing.

Rinse thoroughly with hot then cold water, pat dry with paper towels and allow to air dry for 2-3 minutes.

Apply a thin layer of unscented white lotion or Aquaphor, blot away excess until damp looking.

Cover tattoo with plastic wrap before bed for the first 2-3 nights, leave uncovered otherwise.

Check tattoo every 2-3 hours, if it looks dry, reapply lotion, if using Aquaphor, only use 2-3 days then switch to unscented white lotion.

Wash tattoo a few times per day.

After a few days, your tattoo will start flaking and peeling, don’t pick, pull or scratch.

Until healed, no soaking or swimming.

For small tattoos, leave on for 5-6 days

For larger tattoos, first piece stays on for 4-5 days.

Saniderm may fill a bit with blood and/or plasma, this is normal, do not drain or pop.

To remove Saniderm, it is best to run comfortably hot water on it for 1 minute then, using an unscented liquid antibacterial soap, get a soapy lather on a corner or edge of Saniderm to get it to lift or roll. Grab lifted part and peel about half an inch to one inch, repeat water-soap-peel until Saniderm is removed.

Do not peel Saniderm quickly!

Once removed, wash tattoo gently with unscented liquid antibacterial soap and pat dry with paper towels.

What you will need
Dial liquid antibacterial soap, unscented Wound Wash Saline, Sterile cotton swabs

What you will do
|Wash your hands using antibacterial soap Spray Saline to both sides.ends of piercing.

Let saline soak for about 30 seconds.

Dampen a cotton swab with saline and use this to brush away scabby matter. 

Wet hands in the sink, appluy one single drop of Dial to one hand.

Rub hands in the sink, apply one single drop of Dial to one hand.

Rub Hands together to get a slight lather.

Gently apply lather to your piercing.

Allow lather to sit for no more than 15-20 seconds.

Rinse with saline and allow to air dry.

Do this twice per day until piercing is healed.

What you will need
Antiseptic alcohol free mouthwash like Biotene or Crest Prohealth

What you will do
Rinse with mouthwash after everything you eat, drink or smoke.

Avoid spicy foods, let hot food or drinks cool.

Avoid food or drink high in citric acid.

Cut down on dairy products, avoid alcohol for 2 weeks.

Sleep with an extra pillow or 2

Keep you piercing to yourself

Tongue piercings, only talk when necessary to help reduce swelling and keep your tongue in your mouth.

Yes. For tattoos it is $100 for piercings it is $50 The deposit is non-refundable (unless there are special circumstances but it is up to the discretion of the artist) The deposit will be deducted from the final cost of your tattoo or piercing.